Last week’s Anxiety post, “Control,” featured an interview with Dominick Brocato, conducted and transcribed by DW Gibson, the author of the forthcoming book and documentary film, “Not Working.” Many readers who commented wanted to know how Mr. Brocato was managing his various challenges — unemployment, illness and a lack of medical insurance among them — since the interview, which took place in July 2011. To provide that update to readers, Mr. Gibson contacted Mr. Brocato by e-mail and phone earlier this week.

DW Gibson writes: “When I contacted Dominick, I learned that he’d had surgery on his right knee (unrelated to his cancer) just the day before. I immediately suggested we talk later but he ignored the offer. True to my memory of him, he was at attention, instantly composed and engaged. His own words — “I am still a vital and vibrant person” — still echo in my head. The update below is composed of Dominick’s words from our e-mail correspondence this week and a follow-up conversation over the phone. ”

— The Editors

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