Pamela Cohn’s “Lucid Dreaming” Offers Inspiration and Insight for Nonfiction Storytellers
The joy of human-to-human dialogue about the creative process is the heart of Pamela Cohn’s book, Lucid Dreaming: Conversations with 29 Filmmakers. Cohn, whose lengthy list of nonfiction film accomplishments span writing, commentary, curation and filmmaking itself, used her own archive of filmmaker interviews, as well as new conversations, to assemble an eclectic collection of voices from across the global documentary landscape. While most of the independent artists featured may not be top-of-mind filmmakers in the industry (working largely, as Cohn notes, “in virtual obscurity”), all have achieved significant recognition for their creative work. Indeed, the interviews contained within this 280-page book reveal a deep commitment among the artists featured to expanding the nonfiction form, whether for political engagement, intimate reflection, artistic possibility or other meaningful pursuits.

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