“DECOLONIZE HIPSTERS, the opening salvo in a new series of handbooks, places hipsters at the vanguard of a movement that starts with gentrification but ends with gifting Trump the White House and giving rise and misguided succour to white supremacists… Quoting Karl Marx through to Lemmy from Motorhead, Pierrot fleshes out the essence of modern hipsterdom and its pernicious contemporary manifestations…. Fast, furious and best read in one sitting… in your face for all the right reasons, it’s full of fun and thoughtful facts, interesting anecdotes and parallels that all lead in the same direction — how hipsters steal, suck up and squander what they should hold dear… A quick and thought-provoking read that eloquently sets an agenda, justifies it and demands that action is taken. Read it, think again, and make change your goal.”

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