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"This country's greatest national disaster is manmade." KAREN RUSSELL on America's housing catastrophe, from the forthcoming TALES OF TWO AMERICAS

May 23, 2017
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"The height of hypocrisy" — MEDEA BENJAMIN on Democracy Now discussing Trump in Saudi Arabia

May 22, 2017
I think going to a country like Saudi Arabia, that has no free speech, no free association, no national elections, no political parties, no trade unions, where people like Raif Badawi, the blogger, is imprisoned for 10 years for blogging, where human rights lawyers are imprisoned for 15 years for defending human rights—it is appalling that Trump would go to Saudi Arabia and not even mention the issue of human rights, much less try to meet with one of the advocates for human rights, while he was visiting Saudi Arabia.
Listen at Democracy Now.

MEDEA BENJMAIN appears on FAIR's Counterspin

May 22, 2017
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"10 Reasons Trump Should Not Strengthen U.S.-Saudi Ties," by MEDEA BENJAMIN

May 18, 2017
Donald Trump has selected Saudi Arabia as the destination for his first trip abroad, strengthening U.S. ties to a regime that is fueling the very extremism, intolerance and violence that the US government purports to eradicate. Here’s 10 reasons why the United States should not be closely allied with the Saudi kingdom. Read the list at Common Dreams.

ASSUMING BOYCOTT is reviewed in Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar

May 15, 2017
Readers of Arabic can find it here.

PATRICK COCKBURN on Trump's meeting with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman in The Independent

May 15, 2017
Many people view Donald Trump as the most dangerous man on the planet, but next week he flies to Saudi Arabia for a three-day visit during which he will meet a man who surely runs him a close second as a source of instability.
Read the article at The Independent.

FINKS is "a riveting account of the CIA’s machinations to recruit some of the world’s leading writers," says The National

May 11, 2017
Read the review here.

FINKS is reviewed alongside other books on the CIA at January Magazine

May 9, 2017
As Donald Trump positioned himself at odds with the Central Intelligence Agency in the early months of his presidency, many people wishing for an end to Trumpist madness may have wound up rooting for the creepy forces of the CIA. Whether or not the tension between Trump and the agency continues, it’s wise to look beyond the headlines to see the reality of the CIA. That reality is laid bare in three recently published books examining some dark truths about this American spy agency, which remain still largely unknown to most of the everyday people the CIA theoretically protects.
Joel Whitney's Finks is reviewed alongside Douglas Valentine’s The CIA As Organized Crime and Nicholas Schou’s Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood at January Magazine.

JOHN K WILSON on the implications of the Johnson Amendment at Inside Higher Ed

May 9, 2017
Trump is no defender of free speech. To the contrary, he is one of the greatest enemies of civil liberties ever elected president in modern times. I devote a chapter in my book to Trump’s support for repression, including his proposed ban on Muslims (now accompanied by “extreme vetting” of political views), his statements advocating for the torture of enemy prisoners and even the murder of their families, and his calls to dramatically loosen libel law in order to attack freedom of the press. Trump wants to repeal the Johnson Amendment for the very same reason that LBJ passed it: to serve his political interests. But that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.
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"Civil society needs to own the technology of the future." An extract from OURS TO HACK AND TO OWN in Civil Society Futures

May 9, 2017
New gizmos come and go so quickly that we hardly notice when the meanings of our words change, and when what we expect of ourselves changes with them. Ordinary people have already made the Internet their own with their hacks, their memes, their protests, and their dreams. The cost of forfeiting control over these things is too high, and too mysterious. We need to expect better, to demand more. It’s time that we own and govern what is ours already..." Read the full extract here.

“Products don’t solve problems.” MARA EINSTEIN in New York Magazine on Pepsi's advertising fiasco

May 5, 2017
Her take, and more from others in the industry, at New York.

JOEL WHITNEY "points the flashlight at the US government." FINKS has been reviewed at the History News Network

May 4, 2017
Read more here.

Alex Nunns' THE CANDIDATE shortlisted for the 2017 Bread & Roses Award for Radical Publishing

May 4, 2017
From more than 50 books in consideration Alex Nunns' The Candidate: Jeremy Corbyn's Improbable Path to Power has made the shortlist for the Bread & Roses Award for Radical Publishing 2017. The winner will be announced by guest judges Joan Anim-Addo, Vera Chok and Owen Hatherley at a ceremony at the London Radical Bookfair on Saturday 24th June 2017.


May 2, 2017
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JOEL WHITNEY put together a playlist for FINKS at Large Hearted Boy

May 1, 2017
Joel Whitney has created a playlist for Finks, running from jazz to reggae to Radiohead, at Large Hearted Boy.

"Marker’s mind seems spatialized here, as though we were looking into his memory palace, an elaborate, idiosyncratic mnemonic become a memorial." BEN LERNER and ADAM BARTOS in The Paris Review

April 26, 2017
Ben Lerner on photographs of Chris Marker's studio by Adam Bartos, now collected in a volume with text by Colin MacCabe, in The Paris Review.

"In the following weeks, as public excitement began to build behind Corbyn... the Guardian’s response, save for the occasional mention, was a virtual blackout." ALEX NUNNS in Novara Media on coverage of Jeremy Corbyn in The Guardian

April 25, 2017
A selection of the headlines from the Guardian website’s front page on 22 and 23 July gives a sense of the almost hysterical tone that took hold: “Blair urges Labour not to wrap itself in a Jeremy Corbyn comfort blanket”; “Think before you vote for Jeremy Corbyn”; “Labour can come back from the brink, but it seems to lack the will to do so”; “Blair: I wouldn’t want to win on an old fashioned leftist platform.” On these two panic-stricken days alone, the Guardian website carried opinion pieces hostile to Corbyn from Anne Perkins, Suzanne Moore, Polly Toynbee, Tim Bale, Martin Kettle, Michael White, Anne Perkins (again), and Anne Perkins (yet again). There was not a single pro-Corbyn column.
Read it at Novara Media.


April 25, 2017
"Sue Coe’s extraordinarily powerful work has intrigued me since my art school days," says host Norman B. Listen to the show here.

"When Labour talks about issues which affect everybody, like education and health, that's historically where it's strong... But a constitutional issue like Brexit drives wedges into the party's fissures." ALEX NUNNS in Vice

April 13, 2017
"When Labour talks about issues which affect everybody, like education and health, that's historically where it's strong... But a constitutional issue like Brexit drives wedges into the party's fissures. It's extremely difficult to charter a path through the two-thirds of Labour voters who voted Remain and the third who voted Leave because they're not evenly distributed among the party's seats." Read more here.

Vegan Magazine: "In THE ANIMALS' VEGAN MANIFESTO, Sue Coe marries art and activism, forcing readers to gaze upon the hidden horrors of animal agriculture."

April 11, 2017

Read the full post at Vegan Magazine.