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November 17, 2017"The Re-Birth of the Author." Theodora Hawlin's essay from THE DIGITAL CRITIC appears in The Quietus

November 17, 2017"While many may not realize it or refuse to believe it, the Jewish community needs these nonconformist voices more than ever." Jewish Book Council on DIASPORA BOY

November 16, 2017TENZIN DICKIE appears on the "Smarty Pants" podcast from The American Scholar, discussing "life in exile, the rain in Dharamsala, and the best momos in Queens."

November 14, 2017Spinwatch calls ASSUMING BOYCOTT "a moving tribute to a powerful collaboration of individuals determined not to be silenced."

November 13, 2017"Redefining Jewish Authenticity." ELI VALLEY is interviewed in Los Angeles Review of Books


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