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August 24, 2015"A weighty, hugely informative effort, one befitting a subject of Eastwood’s continued importance" The Film Stage recommends CLINT

August 24, 2015In the New York Times, MOHAMMED OMER argues that international indifferent leaves Gaza in ruins and far from a meaningful peace

August 17, 2015Andrew Ross explains the origins and goals of the Gulf Labor Coalition in a TruthDig excerpt of THE GULF

August 17, 2015"Clear, concise and evocative" Counterfire reviews SHELL-SHOCKED

August 12, 2015"CESS: A SPOKENING has a power and pointed veracity as a language game and fiction of distinction." Tears in the Fence reviews CESS



OR Books is pleased to announce a partnership with Foxrock Books, the book publishing arm of The Evergreen Review. Foxrock, named after Samuel Beckett’s birthplace in Ireland, was founded in 1988 by legendary publisher Barney Rosset (1922-2012). New editions of Foxrock Books will be released on a periodic basis; the first two titles available in the series are Samuel Beckett’s Stirrings Still and Marguerite Duras’ The Man Sitting in the Corridor. More

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