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March 15, 2017"What's happened to the anti-war movement?" MEDEA BENJAMIN on The Laura Flanders Show

March 15, 2017"In 1967, much of the intellectual world learned that the United States had outsmarted itself." FINKS in The Wire

March 15, 2017"We we cannot be content with isolated cooperative alternatives designed to counter old forms of capitalism." OURS TO HACK AND TO OWN on Open Democracy

March 13, 2017"The appeal of Cockburn as a war correspondent is multifaceted." CHAOS AND CALIPHATE on SFGATE

March 13, 2017"It is worth, now more than ever, to examine the origins of the movement that sees capitalism and selfishness as a religious virtue." TERRY HEATON on RISING UP WITH SONALI


evergreen review volume 1 numbers 1-3 composite cover

When The Evergreen Review first arrived on the scene in 1957, it shattered norms. Many writers now part of the literary canon were introduced to a broader American public in its pages—provocative innovators such as Susan Sontag, Denise Levertov, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Alexander Trocchi, Kenzaburō Ōe, and hundreds of others. What became clear was that The Evergreen Review was not merely a literary review: it was a cultural weapon, reshaping the outlook of the Beat Generation in a way no television show or magazine at the time came close to doing.

Now, Foxrock Books—the publishing arm of the recently revived Evergreen Review—is pleased to offer facsimile paperback editions of the classic first three issues of the review. More

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