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June 18, 2018“Written to further the fight on a number of epic fronts – gender, data privacy and disinformation.” WOMEN, WHISTLEBLOWING, WIKILEAKS reviewed atArts Talk

June 18, 2018“Elegant and accessible stories on a variety of themes by the most distinguished of modern Tibetan writers.” OLD DEMONS, NEW DEITIES reviewed in Scroll.in

June 15, 2018“An impressive collection... becoming subtler and more nuanced with repeated reading.” GRABBING PUSSY reviewed in Tears in the Fence

June 15, 2018“Hilarious and sometimes frightening.” DESPERATELY SEEKING SELF-IMPROVEMENT reviewed in Tri-City News

June 13, 2018“We're living in a culture characterised by competition, where the idea is that we can manage through extra strong faith in ourselves.” CARL CEDERSTROM interviewed in Business Insider


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