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November 15, 2019"The Internet has proved remarkably resistant to state governance. Its use can certainly be shaped by expensive government initiatives such as China’s Great Firewall or the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)."—Scott Malcomson, author of SPLINTERNET, writes in Foreign Affairs

November 14, 2019"The VA and its oversight organizations have failed to provide safe pathways for those who want to protect our veterans by exposing corruption when they see it” —Tim Schwartz, author of A PUBLIC SERVICE, writes in Medium

November 14, 2019"Thinking is an obstacle for my writing. "—an interview with Cuong Lu, author of THE BUDDHA IN JAIL, published inThe Dewdrop

November 14, 2019"In the last seven years or so, resilience has become a programming imperative for large philanthropies, including the Hogg Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and many others. Resilience has also become a theory to explain the good — from countries that adapt well to climate change to what allows some to survive addiction."—Alissa Quart, author of THOUGHTS ON PRAYERS, writes in The Boston Globe

November 8, 2019"I thought about your teaching ‘doing nothing,’ and I did nothing. I sat and watched my anger disappear.” —an excerpt ofTHE BUDDHA IN JAIL by Cuong Lu published in The Dewdrop


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