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September 22, 2020"A perfect book to have on your commuter ride home… With luck, you'll survive to tell about it" — WELCOME TO DYSTOPIA reviewed by CounterPunch

September 22, 2020"Slavoj Zizek: The treatment of Assange is an assault on everyone's personal freedoms" — PANDEMIC! author and IN DEFENSE OF JULIAN ASSANGE contributor writes for RT

September 21, 2020"Writing at the very beginning of the pandemic, Zizek predicted almost precisely what would happen in the United States" — PANDEMIC! featured on Splice Today

September 21, 2020Matt Taibbi discusses THE BUSINESS SECRETS OF DRUG DEALING on the Joe Rogan Experience

September 21, 2020"The Post-Objectivity Era" — HATE INC. author Matt Taibbi writes on Substack


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