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January 22, 2020"O’Neil opens up a space to redirect the energies of anger and guilt away from ourselves and toward the systems of oppression.” — WELCOME TO HELL WORLD reviewed by Full Stop

January 22, 2020 Coming Soon: SURF, SWEAT AND TEARS by Andy Martin

January 22, 2020"Radical demystification of Daniel Defoe’s iconic work” — CRUSOE AND HIS CONSEQUENCES reviewed by Morning Star

January 22, 2020"A lot of times you have to censor yourself if you’re writing for a big outlet, you can’t literally just say 'This is fucking terrible. These people are vampire ghouls and they deserve to die,' you know?"—Luke O'Neil, author of WELCOME TO HELL WORLD, interviewed by The Alternative

January 10, 2020"Despite doing more to expose the actions of the rich and powerful than any other journalist in modern times, Assange’s plight has been ignored by the mainstream media who have either forgotten or turned against him on account of a longstanding and well orchestrated propaganda campaign to demonise a man who poses a grave threat to the established order.” — IN DEFENSE OF JULIAN ASSANGE reviewed by Morning Star


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