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December 1, 2020"AOC For NYC Mayor in 2021" — BERNIE'S BROOKLYN author Theodore Hamm writes for the Indypendent

December 1, 2020"What stands in the way of the urgently needed transition to clean energy?" — PEOPLE'S POWER author Ashley Dawson interviewed on Against the Grain

December 1, 2020"Increased content moderation has been sold as a tool to control the far right, but the World Socialist Web Site was among the first to sound the alarm" — HATE INC author Matt Taibbi writes for TK News

November 30, 2020"Feminism Not Militarism: Medea Benjamin on the Movement to Oppose Michèle Flournoy as Pentagon Chief" — INSIDE IRAN author interviewed on Democracy Now!

November 30, 2020"Why Today's Media Makes Us Despise One Another" — HATE INC author Matt Taibbi interviewed on Red Scare


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