Maxmillian Alvarez on Breaking Points

How The Pandemic Radicalized Workers | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Weaponizing Anti-Semitism - how Jeremy Corbyn was destroyed by smear campaign led by Israel

Investigative journalist Asa Winstanley and guests - Ken Loach, Andrew Feinstein, Huda Ammori - discuss how Labour's "Anti-Semitism crisis" was manufactured by pro-Israel groups to destroy Jeremy Corbyn's bid for power as leader of the Labour Party in the UK.

Norman Finkelstein, Aaron Maté -- on Gaza, Genocide, Laws of War, and Moral Idiots - LIVE ON AVE C

Does Israel have genocidal intent in Gaza, is Israel violating the laws of war? Moral idiocy in the Israel-Gaza context.Norman Finkelstein, historian and radical leftist icon, and Aaron Maté, of The Grayzone and Useful Idiots, in a provocative discussion about Israel's war on Gaza, the meaning of Hamas' atrocities, the question of genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, and U.S. complicity.

A Scholar of Activism Goes Fishing

The process is really important, not the product. Sometimes you have successes, but most often you don’t. If you don’t love the process, you’re not going to do it very long, and if you don’t do it very long, your chances of changing the world are going to be pretty slim. You always have to be looking for new perspectives, new vantage points." In his new book, The Activist Angler, Gallatin and Steinhardt Professor Stephen Duncombe discusses parallels that he observed between activism and angling when he began fishing during the height of the pandemic. NYU News joined Duncombe at NYC's Central Park lake where he shares some of the lessons he's learned.

Car Dreams: Debt, Carcerality and the Automobile

A short film by Mychal Pagan and Gabriela Azevedo, inspired by the book by Julie Livingston and Andrew Ross.