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July 18, 2019A review of HATE INC. in Kirkus Reviews

July 9, 2019An extract of HATE INC. in THE WASHINGTON SPECTATOR

July 9, 2019An unexpectedly positive notice in George Osborne's EVENING STANDARD for PEOPLE GET READY

July 8, 2019“In that peacefulness, I saw for the first time the suffering in me, brought with me from the war zone.” —Cuong Lu, author of THE BUDDHA IN JAIL during an interview with Buddhistdoor Global

July 1, 2019“How we shape our narratives, who gets to tell our stories, from which point of view, all that has very real consequences because we live and relive our stories.” —Tenzin Dickie, editor of OLD DEMONS, NEW DEITIES in an interview for World Literature Today


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