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October 27, 2020"A New Constitution: What the United States Can Learn From Chile" — CAUTIVOS author Ariel Dorfman writes for the Nation

October 27, 2020"How the new justice’s 'originalism' could reshape the US Supreme Court" — OBJECTION! author Michael Rips writes for the Financial Times

October 26, 2020"How Amy Coney Barrett fails the religious test" — OBJECTION! author Michael Rips writes for the Daily News

October 26, 2020"Does Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination Violate the Religious Test Clause of the Constitution?" — OBJECTION! author Michael Rips writes for Lit Hub

October 26, 2020"The long, hot summer of compromises with the global capitalist order is over, and we are brutally confronted with the reality of what we can do to contain the epidemic" — PANDEMIC! 2 author Slavoj Žižek writes for RT


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