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October 16, 2018“By encouraging us to eschew glib analyses, the volume makes a real contribution to those working for justice in Israel-Palestine.”- MOMENT OF TRUTH reviewed in Jacobin

October 15, 2018The Vatican announces the canonization of ARCHBISHOP ÓSCAR ROMERO: read an excerpt from WEAKNESS AND DECEIT concerning US complicity in the death squads that assassinated him

October 15, 2018GREG SHUPAK discusses THE WRONG STORY: PALESTINE, ISRAEL, AND THE MEDIA on By Any Means Necessary

October 15, 2018“An inherently fascinating, 'time lost', and iconoclastic analytical study.”- HOW TO READ DONALD DUCK reviewed at Midwest Book Review

October 15, 2018'Mad Men' & the Power Elites - LIZA FEATHERSTONE in conversation with Chris Hedges at RT


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