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January 20, 2021"Could COVID destroy capitalism?" — PANDEMIC! 2 author Slavoj Žižek interviewed on the Owen Jones Show

January 20, 2021"Noam Chomsky on Where the Left Goes After Trump" — EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE! contributor in conversation with Ana Kasparian and Nando Vila for Jacobin

January 20, 2021"Joe Biden must put an end to business as usual. Here's where to start" — AN INHERITANCE FOR OUR TIMES contributor Bernie Sanders writes for the Guardian

January 20, 2021"The 10 best books we read [in 2020]" — THE SINKING MIDDLE CLASS featured in ThePrint

January 18, 2021"Slavoj Zizek on What it Will Take to Stop the Pandemic" — PANDEMIC! 2 author in conversation with Ariella Thornhill and Nando Vila for Jacobin


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pen pal cover

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