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December 13, 2018“He’s going to certainly cross swords with Washington, D.C. Now, whether he wants to hit the sword very hard, that’s another issue.” - VIJAY PRASHAD on Mexico's new president at the The Real News

December 10, 2018“George H.W. Bush Is Alive in His Many Victims Across the Globe, Including Me.” - ARIEL DORFMAN interviewed on Democracy Now

December 6, 2018GREG SHUPAK discusses THE WRONG STORY: PALESTINE, ISRAEL, AND THE MEDIA at Unauthorized Disclosure

December 3, 2018“George HW Bush thought the world belonged to his family. How wrong he was.” - ARIEL DORFMAN in The Guardian

December 3, 2018“Privatization is Theft” - Read an excerpt from A NEW HOPE FOR MEXICO in Jacobin


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