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July 23, 2021"Last Exit to Socialism" — PANDEMIC! 2 author Slavoj Žižek writes for Jacobin

July 23, 2021"Michael Ratner's Legacy of Lawyering for the People" — MOVING THE BAR author remembered by Palestine Legal

July 23, 2021UPCOMING EVENT: MOVING THE BAR author Michael Ratner remembered by the National Lawyers Guild in New York on 07/27/21

July 23, 2021"My 24 hours in Mexico’s 21st-century migrant prison" — CHECKPOINT ZIPOLITE author Belén Fernández writes for Al Jazeera

July 23, 2021FULL VIDEO: DECOLONIZE HIPSTERS author Grégory Pierrot in conversation with Chelsea Stieber for the Radical Books Collective


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Moving The Bar 3D cover

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the center did not hold 3D cover

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