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September 21, 2018“Reading the collection is akin to diving headfirst into a freezing body of water; one emerges refreshed, invigorated, and slightly shaken: brace yourself.” - GRABBING PUSSY reviewed in Vanity Fair

September 20, 2018Publishers Weekly on author MICHAEL COFFEY joining the OR Books board of directors.

September 20, 2018“An excellent book which reads like a novel, laced with drama and full of secrets.” - THE HISTORY OF HAVANA reviewed in CubaSí

September 19, 2018“Elegant and accessible stories... this collection will go a long way to encouraging further interest in Tibetan literature.” - OLD DEMONS, NEW DEITIES reviewed at the Asian Review of Books

September 18, 2018“Readers seeking a literate crash course in bottom-of-the-barrel geopolitics will quickly devour this book.” - STRONGMEN reviewed at Kirkus


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