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March 22, 2019“Punching the Nazi in the face was the only way that Améry could resist being reduced to a mere body, a passive object, a thing. ”–ERIC ANTHAMATTEN revisiting philosopher Jean Améry's case for violent resistance, featured in #CHAROLOTTESVILE: WHITE SUPREMACY, POPULISM, AND RESISTANCE from TANK Magazine

March 15, 2019“When you’re in such a warped mindset, it’s natural you’re going to call a piece of Jewish art antisemitic” –ELI VALLEY, author of DIASPORA BOY in conversation with Shuja Haider for Popula

March 8, 2019“Dystopia is already here, and we are living in it.” –Salik Shah on GORDON VAN GELDER's book, WELCOME TO DYSTOPIA: 45 VISIONS OF WHAT LIES AHEAD for Strange Horizon Magazine

March 7, 2019“The repression of BDS shows how the American and Israeli ruling classes are deeply enmeshed” –GREG SHUPAK, author of THE WRONG STORY: PALESTINE, ISRAEL, AND THE MEDIA for In These Times

February 28, 2019“We should say no to any coup d’etat, no to any military takeover, no to foreign interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela.” – ARIEL DORFMAN, author of HOW TO READ DONALD DUCK: IMPERIALIST IDEOLOGY IN THE DISNEY COMIC from BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight


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