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November 24, 2020"How the Biden Administration Can Free Americans from Student Debt" — EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE! contributor Astra Taylor writes for the New Yorker

November 24, 2020"America and Britain are the big losers on the world stage as they fail to control Covid" — WAR IN THE AGE OF TRUMP author Patrick Cockburn writes for the Independent

November 24, 2020"Brooklyn borough president candidate Robert Cornegy rails against 'political gentrification' by socialist upstarts while lining his coffers with campaign contributions from high-end real estate developers." — BERNIE'S BROOKLYN author Theodore Hamm writes for the Indypendent

November 23, 2020"Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on Biden, Trump, Assange & Censorship" — EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE! contributor interviewed on Useful Idiots with Matt Taibbi & Katie Halper

November 23, 2020"As Journalists Flock to Substack, Is There a Limit to the Newsletter Boom?" — HATE INC author Matt Taibbi featured in Vanity Fair


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