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January 27, 2020"At this moment I am reading Ariel Dorfman’s extraordinary new novel, 'Cautivos.' Even though it is set in the final years of the 16th century, in the world of Cervantes, it is a novel about today and the discovery of song in the dark times.” — Colum McCann recommends CAUTIVOS in the Chicago Tribune

January 24, 2020"Riccardo Manzotti and Tim Parks Debate the Internalist View of Consciousness” — DIALOGUES ON CONSCIOUSNESS excerpted on Lit Hub

January 22, 2020"O’Neil opens up a space to redirect the energies of anger and guilt away from ourselves and toward the systems of oppression.” — WELCOME TO HELL WORLD reviewed by Full Stop

January 22, 2020 New Video: SURF, SWEAT AND TEARS by Andy Martin

January 22, 2020"Radical demystification of Daniel Defoe’s iconic work” — CRUSOE AND HIS CONSEQUENCES reviewed by Morning Star


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