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February 21, 2019“I wanted to give Baldwin his body back, to reclaim him for myself and many others as the maverick queer artist that drew us to him in the first place.” – HILTON ALS on curating a collective portrait of Queer Black author and activist, James Baldwin, for the David Zwirner gallery in NYC, in The Paris Review

February 7, 2019“I still call Lula president because he was condemned by a Brazilian kangaroo Supreme Court justice and forced from office.” – Ken Silverstein on LULA DA SILVA'S forthcoming manifesto, TRUTH WILL PREVAIL (WHY I WAS CONDEMNED) , in Washington Babylon

February 5, 2019“Roma is a cinematic triumph. Can it teach Trump’s America the value of compassion?” – ARIEL DORFMAN, author of How to Read Donald Duck (Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic), in The Guardian

February 1, 2019“There's nothing like a good migrant scapegoat to detract public attention from elite pillaging of the country and other unpleasantries.” – BELÉN FERNÁNDEZ, author of our forthcoming HOMELAND (Finding My Way from Lebanon to Honduras and Not Getting Killed in the Process), in Aljazeera

January 25, 2019“The tragic history of U.S. military interventions in Latin America in the last decades... is one of the causes of why the world is in such bad shape right now.” – WOLFGANG KALECK, author of our forthcoming Law Versus Power: Our Global Fight for Human Rights, on Democracy Now!


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