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June 14, 2019“The political and economic assault on Iran, as well as any military attack against it, should one materialize, is not only a war for Iran’s future. It is a war for the entire region.” —Greg Shupak, author of THE WRONG STORY

June 6, 2019“ What Israel subjects Palestinians to is permanent violence” —Greg Shupak, author of THE WRONG STORY in an interview for The Ossington Circle

June 4, 2019“ The book has a rambunctious humor that complements its polemical spirit.” —The New Yorker in review of HOW TO READ DONALD DUCK by Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart

May 29, 2019“At the centre of government lies the orthodox neoliberal dogma of the Treasury, whose power will have to be radically dismantled.” — Mike Phipps in his review of PEOPLE GET READY! for Labour Hub

May 25, 2019“My point is that the problems with the media are institutional and this goes far beyond their misrepresentation of Palestine-Israel.” — Greg Shupak, author of THE WRONG STORY during an interview for Black Agenda Report


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