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July 2, 2020"The Impact of the Assassination of General Qasem Soleimani" — WAR IN THE AGE OF TRUMP author Patrick Cockburn interviewed on Forthright Radio

July 2, 2020"While we should be ruthlessly critical about our past... we should not succumb to self-contempt—respect for others based on self-contempt is always, and by definition, false." — PANDEMIC! author Slavoj Žižek writes for RT

June 30, 2020"The blundering British political class has shown the same incompetence in both fighting wars and coronavirus" — WAR IN THE AGE OF TRUMP author Patrick Cockburn writes for the Independent

June 30, 2020"Makes clear what we’re facing and what lefty lawyers are doing, or have done, to fight the fight... An excellent resource" — LAWYERS FOR THE LEFT reviewed by CounterPunch

June 29, 2020"Extraction in the Time of a Pandemic" — PEOPLE'S POWER author Ashley Dawson in conversation with Alok Amatya


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