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September 12, 2019David Berman memorialized in the New York Review of Books by Alissa Quart, author ofThoughts and Prayers

September 6, 2019"Let’s push the language of journalism past its limits"—an op-ed by Alissa Quart featuring an excerpt from her book Thoughts and Prayers in Columbia Journalism Review

September 5, 2019"Late Capitalism"—an excerpt of Alissa Quart's Thoughts and Prayers in Literary Hub

September 5, 2019"Calls to end inhumane border conditions aren’t enough. Ice must be abolished"—an excerpt of Natascha Elena Uhlmann's Abolish Ice in The Guardian

August 30, 2019"Luke O’Neil’s World Is Hell, and He’s Sharing It with Us"—an interview with Luke O'Neil, author of Welcome to Hell World, in Boston Magazine


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