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April 19, 2019“ You’ll find yourself plunged into the contradictions and swirling through the vortex where that question—what is the law?—is on everyone’s mind all the time.” —Portside on MICHAEL STEVEN SMITH's LAWYERS FOR THE LEFT

April 18, 2019“This is hardcore, down-dirty travel and travel writing. A personal  Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism. A new and powerful form of nonfiction, a primer.” —The Eurasia Review on BELÉN FERNÁNDEZ' EXILE

April 5, 2019“Like a con man who can lift a wallet in the middle of a melee, Trump thrived amid the chaos” —MATT TAIBBI, author of HATE INC. on Russiagate and Trump's weaponizing of disarrayed media in Rolling Stone

April 2, 2019“...shaking up the status quo by challenging power relations and prosecuting those with total impunity is undeniably a first step towards justice.” —Fiorella Lecoutteux on WOLFGANG KALECK'S new book, LAW VS. POWER in Peace News

March 29, 2019“I'll believe that a corporation is a person the day it gets a colonoscopy.” —MICHAEL STEVEN SMITH, author of LAWYERS FOR THE LEFT on radio show Leonard Lopate at Large


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