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May 23, 2022 “Interest groups have been very purposefully plotting the takeover of corporate news, and this is the apotheosis of it that we’re seeing now” — THE WORK OF LIVING author Maximillian Alvarez speaks with DEBRIEF

May 23, 2022 “The weird, wild origins of QAnon” — OPERATION MINDFUCK author Robert Guffey interviewed on Night Dreams Talk Radio

April 14, 2022 “End the Double Standard: U.S. Accuses Russia of War Crimes While Continuing to Oppose the ICC” — LAW VERSUS POWER author Wolfgang Kaleck speaks with Democracy Now!

April 14, 2022 “We’re reaching an eschatological tipping point… Can humanity turn back from the brink?” — EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE! editor Srećko Horvat speaks with NovaraFM

April 14, 2022 “Covid cut the red tape for welfare benefits. Let’s keep it that way” — THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS author Alissa Quart writes for The Washington Post


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